12 Sep

After the sleeping sex style, the second most favored sex style is the sitting sex style. And it is due to its comfort ability. Sometimes, you may come to the situation where you have a hot girl like that of Jodhpur escorts, but you don’t get a suitable place to sleep with her. And in that case, it is only the sitting sex that may help you with it. There is millions of sitting sex positions for you to try with a sexy girl like that of call girls in Jodhpur. And you may choose any of them as per your convenience. Each of these positions is equally pleasureful and may give an unimaginable level of lustful satisfaction. Here, I am going to talk about the most lustful and outstanding sitting sex positions that are namely Armchair Lotus and the Bowstring. If you want to enjoy these two sex positions in a better way, it is good to have a quality chair or a sofa to sit. Other sitting arrangements may be fine as well. But the only thing to care about is to have a sexy looking girl like that of call girls in Dwarka.

Ok, now it’s time to get into the details.

Armchair Lotus

It is the top class and most comfortable sex position. And you will surely love trying it with hot Jodhpur Escorts girl. And the best thing about this outstanding sex position is that neither of the sex partners feels any physical trouble in doing sex in this position. To satisfy the lust in this most advanced sex position, first of all, the male partner should sit on a chair. The chair should be such that its sides should be open to the air, and there should be a big gap between the arms of the chair and the seat of the chair. The Male partner should sit naked. After that, the Jodhpur sexy girl, or whatever girl to have sex with, should sit over the male partner. Her front should be facing the front of the male partner, and both her legs should be wrapped around his waist. Her cunt should be touching his dick. Once both the partners get into the position, either of the sex partners should start the foreplay. And, once the foreplay gets over, the hot Jodhpur escort or the call girl should start jumping to and fro. The male partner should support her butt during the process.


In this sex position, the call girl should sit naked on the chair. Her back should be facing the back of the chair. Then, the male partner should sit in front of her with folding his legs. One of his legs should be making the inverted Horizontal L shape with the floor, and the other leg should be making the inverted vertical L shape with the ground. He should be close enough to the Jodhpur escorts call girls so that he may start fucking her at any time. Once he takes the position, the female partner should keep one of her legs on his shoulder. And after the proper foreplay, the male partner may start fucking the call girls in Jodhpur.

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